Primary 1C & Mrs Boyd

We enjoyed reading ' Whatever Next!' in class and finding out about Teddy going to space. We talked about lists and wrote a list of some things we would take in our space rocket!

We have been exploring our 5 senses .We had a visit from an optometrist who told us all about our eyes and how they work. She brought lots of exciting things that she uses in her job and we got to try them out. Do you like our funny glasses?

We have been learning all about planets and space in class. We know that Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. Do you like the chalk planets we made?

We love to work and play outside. We used cards to help us continue patterns with beads.

Robyn built a super moon buggy using stickle bricks.

 We enjoyed learning all about Scotland and found out lots of new things.

We had fun working outside, we drew our own clocks and wrote the time.

P1C really enjoyed working with the pupils from P5/6 on some exciting science experiments.

P1C are responsible citizens! We helped with the litter picking at our school.

The P1C Orchestra! We enjoyed using junk to make our own instruments .

Ladybird Number  Bonds

Scottie Dogs.