School Badge and Motto

All children participated in designing a badge and the five finalists from each of the three schools was brought to a Working Group Meeting.  The Working Group was made up with Councillors Marie Burns and John Easdale, staff and pupil representatives from Broomlands Primary, Fencedyke Primary and  Towerlands Primary, Representatives from the Interim Parent Council, Mrs Ferguson, Senior Manager North Ayrshire Council and Donna Reid representing Education and Skills.

Abbie  of Primary 2/3 at Fencedyke Primary was the overall winner. The key elements of her badge design were passed to a Graphic Designer who has created a badge which has been approved by the Working Group. 

The badge was unveiled on the 1st April 2014.

This is Abbie's design

Abbie will be invited to the School Uniform Suppliers to see the first sweatshirt being embroidered with the badge.

The five finalists from each of the schools were recognised with a small gift presented at the unveiling ceremony by Mrs Docherty, Head of Service, Education and Skills.

The school motto is

‘Dare to be Excellent'

This was suggested by Kenzie  in Primary 3 at Towerlands Primary.

The Working Group had a very difficult task making this important decision.